We should have four 6-hour workdays. Mon-Thur from 9:00 to 15:00.

I mean, I have all kinds of shit I would like to do. Errands, cleaning, kids, sports, reading, ideally also spending time with friends, learning new things, doing some something cultural once in a while, therapy / mental health care, get a healthy amount of sleep, doing a fun professional side project, volunteer work...

Okay maybe just a three-day workweek from 10 to 13? Work reasonably hard for 9 hours a week and it might fit

Ok let’s meet half-way. Four 4-hour work days from 10:00 to 16:00, that’s my final offer

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@jaapstronks I never understood why/how work hours reduction has disappeared from the (radical) left agenda - especially in times of climate crisis (which urges for economic degrowth) this strikes me as a deeply important eco-socialist demand.

@MathijsvdSande @jaapstronks I just switched to a 8hr/4-day a week job at a non-profit, as that seems to be the only space here that would entertain that kind of full-time employment. Individual personal anecdotes notwithstanding, yeah, I'm curious why we seems to have stopped at 8hr/5days a week. It's been so long since that was won.

@MathijsvdSande @jaapstronks 25 years ago I suggested in an art project, that we should have a 9 days week, so one could have at least 3 days weekend, or 6 if needed. Or parttime jobs: 3 days work 3 days rest. We could have 40 weeks of 9 days + 5 spare days of ‘Winter-end-of-year celebrations’, 30 weeks of changeable weather, and 10 weeks of summer. It could work, if we would forget about religion. Of course, as it was an art project, it was mainly meant to start a discussion.

@jaapstronks Shame. I took it that you were going to go on a two hour lunch break.

@MathijsvdSande Less work is also fine (remember to abolish class society first)

@jaapstronks I don’t think I’d get significantly less done but my life would absolutely be better. But I have to watch my words because Sander friggin’ Schimmelpennick is on this app too

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