"Explain briefly how chatGPT is great for copywriters and not just for spammers"

Well, there you go

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I hit 'try again' and this is also a pretty good blog post about why non-profits should join Mastodon.

This is amazing. Sure, this will be a boon for spammers, but this could speed up anyone's writing process immensely

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"Write a blog post that explains why not-for-profits should join Mastodon"

That's the prompt I gave , the AI-powered text generator at chat.openai.com/chat. It is... pretty good 🧐

I remember I used to joke with friends 20+ years ago that one could save a lot of money by going for a previous-gen console while pretending it’s the latest-and-greatest.

Well, we just bought a with 7 games for € 180 and as long as no one tells me about the existence of the PS5, the prophecy has become true

The “1981 photos of Boris Johnson as a teen magazine model” are the best AI images I’ve seen yet. (Only the amount of fingers are the giveaway).



whoa, de Mastodon-instance climatejustice.social heeft een url-block op twitter. Je kunt geen link naar die site tweeten.

ik hartje de multikolom-layout van de webinterface trouwens, Ook leuke touch, je eigen instance-logo linksonderin

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